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Underage drinking has serious penalties -- fight back!

Some people might think that giving underage people a sip of an alcoholic beverage is something that doesn't have much of an impact on that young person. That, however, isn't necessarily the case. Those who are under the legal drinking age can't have any alcohol in their system if they are going to operate a vehicle. This is because of the zero-tolerance laws.

Driver's license reinstatement after a DUI is costly

One of the possible impacts of a drunk driving conviction in Oklahoma is losing your driver's license. This can cause a serious problem in a city such as Norman, which is a car dependent city. Not only will you have to rely on others to help you with your errands, you might also be out of a lot of money because of the fees for license restoration.

What are open container charges?

Many people might not realize that you can face criminal charges for having open containers of alcohol in a vehicle. If you are found to have an open container in the vehicle and have an alcohol odor on your breath, you will likely end up facing criminal charges. It is crucial that you understand some basic points about open container laws.

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