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Underage DUI doesn't have to ruin your life

The legal age to consume alcohol in Oklahoma is 21 years old. When people under 21 consume alcohol, there is a chance that they will end up facing criminal charges, especially if they opt to drive after they have been drinking. That mistake can be something that greatly affects your immediate future and your long-term future.

Drivers who can legally consume alcohol aren't likely going to face criminal charges unless they have a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 percent or above. That isn't the case for younger drivers. For drivers who haven't yet reached the legal drinking age, being caught with any alcohol in their system is a criminal offense because Oklahoma is a no tolerance state.

Facing an underage DUI is a scary event. You are facing fines, incarceration and the loss of your driver's license. All of those penalties can make it difficult to live your life. We understand that you might not know where to go from here. Once you are charged with the alcohol-related crime, you should start working with a defense attorney as soon as possible so you can start doing damage control.

It is possible to take steps that might protect your driver's license, which can enable you to continue to go to work or school. Minimizing the penalties of the conviction is another important point since you might find that fees and fines that can easily go over $1,000 is difficult to pay. We know that you understand your mistake and we don't think that you should face lifelong consequences for that mistake.

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