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Oklahoma county voters to decide on selling alcohol by the glass

On June 28, voters in Tillman County, Oklahoma will have the chance to legalize the sale of alcohol by the glass in bars and restaurants. Tillman is one of 21 counties throughout the state where it's illegal for these establishments to sell liquor by the drink. The last time the proposed law was on the ballot, in 2014, it lost by just four votes.

Those in favor of the proposition contend that it would bring more people, and therefore more income, into the county. The president of the Chamber of Commerce for Frederick, Oklahoma, which is located in Tillman County says, "At the rate things are going right now...we won't have a town to speak of in 20 years if we don't do something."

Some opponents disapprove of the measure because it goes against their religious beliefs. One Baptist deacon in Frederick says, "I prefer that it did not pass because I think that's what Christ would want us to do." Others are concerned that such a law would increase the number of drunk driving-related accidents.

As the chamber of commerce president points out, however, people can currently by as much alcohol as they want in liquor stores. Further, he notes that employees in bars and restaurants are "trained not to serve obviously intoxicated people" and know that there are legal ramifications if they do and that person is involved in an accident.

When laws around alcohol change, particularly when they become more lenient, people's behavior also changes. It may be difficult to gauge when you've had too much to drink if you're not used to having a glass or two of wine or other alcoholic beverage in a bar or restaurant. If you find yourself charged with a DUI, you should seek legal guidance to determine how best to handle the situation.

Source: ABC 7 News, "Tillman County to vote on 'Liquor by the Drink'," Kelly Roliard, May 18, 2016

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