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What is the arraignment process for a DUI?

One step in the criminal justice process after you are charged with drunk driving is going through the arraignment. This is the first courtroom proceeding that you will go through. By this point, you will have been arrested and booked into jail. You will likely already have been given a bail amount.

Former school bus driver sentenced to prison and probation in DUI

School bus drivers are entrusted with our most precious resource each day. When these drivers don't follow the law, the children are the ones who suffer. Accidents that occur involving school buses can be particularly devastating because of the large number of children on these vehicles

Implied consent and refusal of chemical testing in Oklahoma

After a night of partying, you have to get home so you can get some rest. If you don't plan properly, that might mean that you have to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When you drive after drinking, you are running the risk of getting pulled over by law enforcement officers. Being pulled over means that you might end up facing charges for drunk driving.

What impacts do underage drinking charges have on people?

Underage drinking is a serious problem in the United States. Oklahoma isn't any exception to that fact. While many people might think that people who aren't 21 yet consuming alcohol isn't really a huge deal. That isn't the case. People who aren't of the legal drinking age who consume alcohol do face several consequences of their actions each time they choose to drink.

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