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Underage drinking has many possible consequences

Alcohol has some interesting effects on the human body. Delayed reaction times and lack of ability to determine risks are two that can affect a person who has consumed alcohol. The effects that alcohol has on a person seem to intensify in some people. For example, underage drinkers are likely to suffer from short-term and long-term consequences of their choice to consume alcohol.

Fight back against driver's license suspensions

In our previous blog post, we discussed the appellate court decision regarding driver's license suspensions after a drunk driving arrest. If you recall, the court ruled that it is taking too long for the administrative proceedings for the suspensions. This is something that could have an impact on people who have already had their driver's license suspended, as well as others.

Appellate court issues ruling regarding license revocation system

When you face a drunk driving charge in Oklahoma, your driver's license is suspended. The license suspension process goes through an administrative process, which includes trying to get your driver's license back through an administrative hearing. Recently, a case was heard by the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals that could result in hundreds of people who are classified as DUI offenders getting their driver's licenses back.

The cost of a DUI is much higher than just the fines

The cost of drunk driving goes far beyond only having to pay the fines that are associated with the criminal charge. There are several other costs that will come with being arrested for a DUI. In some cases, a conviction doesn't necessarily have to occur for you to have to incur the cost.

What are some of the license suspension lengths in Oklahoma?

If you are accused of drinking and driving, there is a good chance that your driver's license will be suspended. The length of the suspension depends on a few factors, including what you are accused of and whether you have been convicted of that same thing before.

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