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How does your body change as blood alcohol rises?

Alcohol's impact on each person is somewhat unique, which is one reason why it's important to work with a professional when you are dealing with drunk driving charges. While the impact of alcohol might be slightly different in your system, some generalizations can be made about how your body changes as you reach various levels of blood alcohol content.

Police officer wrecks cruiser, alcohol possibly a factor

Drunk driving charges don't know any limits. No matter what profession you are in or what your education level, you can face drunk driving charges if you are caught driving after you've had alcohol. In some cases, those charges might not come right away. This is shown in a case out of southwest Oklahoma.

What are some DUI points I should know about in Oklahoma?

When you are thought to be driving drunk in Oklahoma, a chain of events starts. You will be asked for your identifying information and then you might be asked to complete a field sobriety test. From there comes your arrest and entry into the criminal justice system. Understanding basic points about DUIs might help you along the way.

Underage drinking consequences can include criminal convictions

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the effects of underage drinking. One of the effects that is possible is having to deal with the juvenile justice system or the criminal justice system, depending on your age. This can mean that you have to face penalties for your actions, which might include losing your driver's license or spending time behind bars.

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