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How does your body change as blood alcohol rises?

Alcohol's impact on each person is somewhat unique, which is one reason why it's important to work with a professional when you are dealing with drunk driving charges. While the impact of alcohol might be slightly different in your system, some generalizations can be made about how your body changes as you reach various levels of blood alcohol content.

Implied consent and refusal of chemical testing in Oklahoma

After a night of partying, you have to get home so you can get some rest. If you don't plan properly, that might mean that you have to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When you drive after drinking, you are running the risk of getting pulled over by law enforcement officers. Being pulled over means that you might end up facing charges for drunk driving.

Supreme Court decision changes an aspect of DUI testing

The United States Supreme Court recently issued a ruling on cases that have to do with drunk driving. The cases challenged the legality of blood tests to check the blood alcohol concentration level of drivers who are accused of drunk driving. The cases noted that BAC tests are intrusive and are in violation of a person's right to not have to deal with unreasonable searches and seizures.

What are the different tests used to determine alcohol levels?

A person who is stopped for the suspicion of drunk driving will have to undergo a form of testing to determine how much alcohol is in his or her blood. Many people think of breath tests when they are thinking about determining the blood alcohol concentration of a person. That isn't the only form of testing that law enforcement officers can use when they need to learn a person's BAC.

What blood alcohol concentration mandates an ignition interlock?

Not all states have laws regarding ignition interlock devices, but Oklahoma does have these laws on the books. This is especially noteworthy if you've moved to Oklahoma from another state that did not have such laws, as you may be surprised to learn what sentences are possible, but it's also something any resident with a driver's license needs to be aware of.

Understand how Oklahoma laws apply to chemical testing

When a driver is stopped for the suspicion of drunk driving, the police department has to prove that the driver was over the legal limit for the amount of alcohol in their system. This is done with breath tests and blood tests. These tests must be done in accordance with laws that are set forth by the state. These laws are complex and can be confusing, so if you are facing criminal charges pertaining to these tests, we can help you to understand those charges.

Several factors affect a drunk driving arrest

Seeing the flashing lights of a police car behind you is a troubling experience, especially if you know that you have had a little to drink. You might start to think about the field sobriety test and breath test that you might have to take if the officer thinks that you are drunk. If you think having to take them is scary, consider this -- even if you pass the breath test, you might still face DUI charges.

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