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CRIMINAL LAW: Murder in the First Degree

A criminal law has been introduced to the Oklahoma State Senate, which would expand the definition of first degree murder. Senate Bill 1066 is aimed at providing express statutory consequences for the state's drug manufacturing and distribution problem. While common sense might suggest that first-degree murder is a simple concept, the legal interpretation provides various elements and situations to which first-degree murder may or may not apply.


This is the second entry in the Criminal Law series. The series is designed to provide our clients and the general public with the basic valuable information they need to be legally protected in times of stress and uncertainty.


Criminal procedure is a complicated area of law that is always evolving and changing, making it quite difficult for the average American to know his or her rights. This is unfortunate because the few minutes after a police officer pulls you over or after you are arrested could determine your options later. It doesn't help to find out what you should have done later from your attorney. It would be equally unhelpful for me to try to teach a class here for you to read. Therefore, you should consider this the beginning of an intermittent series designed to provide you with various basic rules. It is my hope that these rules will empower you and make you feel safer in uncertain times.

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