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HUGE NEWS: The United States Supreme Court granted certiorari jointly to the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as well as California's Proposition 8 on Friday, December 7, 2012. Even though the Court has agreed to review two specific challenges to the laws, this move supplies the high Court with original jurisdiction over both matters, giving them full reign to review the record, hear arguments and even complete their own research in potentially deciding the Constitutionality of both measures.

News: Dress Code

It is Friday morning. As I sit at the back of the courtroom, waiting for the docket to begin, mine eyes are drawn to the long, sad windows on the West wall of the vast, wood laden room. Outside, the fog is lifting, heralding the birth of a day anew. Yet, the angry skies to the North loom menacingly, threatening to wash away the fledgling hopes of sunny warmth. A sharp pain suddenly courses through my left foot. I instinctively turn toward my already throbbing appendage and I am met with a host of brilliantly colored butterflies, fluttering restlessly amid a turbulent ocean of flesh. My gaze rises through wave upon wave of tummy until the sunken eyes belonging to what I imagine was once a human face now stare angrily back at me. A sudden screech emits from engorged lips, morbidly beautified by a sharp silver ring. "Excuse you!" So dies my fleetingly whimsical daydream of rainy silence. So begins the criminal misdemeanor docket at the Cleveland County Courthouse.

Cleveland County News: Mug Shots Policy Changes

Cleveland County News: The Cleveland County District Attorney's Office, under the authority of DA Greg Mashburn, has issued a district wide policy change. Mug shots, taken at the Cleveland County jail in Norman will no longer be made available to the public. The new rule comes in light of concerns over protecting the privacy rights of those who have been arrested but are later be proven not guilty or acquitted.

News: Texting & Driving Laws may stiffen in wake of MA Court Case

Bad news for texting and driving offenders: Most people agree text messaging on your cell phone while driving is dangerous. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to deter many people, especially young drivers. All of that may be about to change...

Oklahoma City News for Smokers

OKLAHOMA CITY NEWS-The Oklahoma City Council unanimously approved a new anti-smoking policy in all city parks. The council cited several concerns in passing the measure. Study upon study has shown the harmful effects of second-hand smoke, especially on children who's lung functions are still developing. Council-members further pointed out the economic costs the city faces as corporations either choose to move to the state or look elsewhere.

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