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Risk of car accidents remains high for teen drivers

Parents may feel powerless to fully protect their children from dangers on Oklahoma roads. The statistics behind the sizable premium hike when placing a teen on the family insurance policy paint a bleak picture. In 2010, car wrecks claimed the lives of nearly as many individuals between the ages of 15 and 24 than the combined total of the next two causes of unintentional injury. A number of changes have taken place to reduce the risk of teenage car accidents, but insurance discounts may offer parents a means of reducing risk further.

Man may lose leg following alleged drunk driving accident

An Oklahoma man may face life as an amputee following a car accident that occurred on June 9 at around 12:40 a.m. An officer with the Chickasha Police Department responded to the wreck and arrested the driver of a red truck following treatment for his injuries at the hospital. The victim of the accident was reportedly outside of his vehicle on the shoulder of the highway at the time of the collision. The police report noted that his truck and trailer were parked clear of the fog line.

Antihistamines a danger for drowsy driving

We recently wrote about drowsy driving in our Norman Motor Vehicles Accidents Blog. Drowsy driving is an extremely dangerous behavior with symptoms that are very similar to drunk driving such as the inability to focus and a slowed reaction time. What can make drowsy driving extra dangerous at times is that it is not given the same respect as drunk driving.

Norman head-on crash leaves 1 dead, 2 injured

Imagine that you are driving home at night. It has just grown dark as you navigate residential roads. As you round a bend in the road, you see headlights up ahead. As you approach the other car, it suddenly veers over the center line and into your path. There is no time to get out of the way, so you brace yourself for a crash. 

Child injured in Oklahoma accident blamed on texting

There are many reasons that motor vehicle accidents occur in the state of Oklahoma. Sometimes they are due to things beyond the control of those involved such as the condition of the road. Other times drivers suffer a medical episode of some sort that leads to a loss in control of a vehicle. Most often however, car crashes are due to the behavior of those behind the wheel.

Pets and driving: a dangerous mix?

We all know that distraction on the roads comes in all forms, but the typical idea that comes to mind is residents in and around Norman using electronics, such as a cellphone or radio, while driving. Although this has been a key issue that needs to be addressed, it has not stopped communities from targeting other forms of distraction. In general, the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration considers distracted driving anything that takes a person's concentration or eyes off the road, or hands off the steering wheel.

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