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NEW LAW: Anti-Meth Law Takes Effect 2013

A new law went into effect on January 1st of 2013 that further constrains the ability to gain access to medications that lead to the manufacture of methamphetamine. Actually passed last year, the measure is designed to add onto the in-state tracking system of over the counter pseudoephedrine sales by adding to a growing multi state network.

News: Dress Code

It is Friday morning. As I sit at the back of the courtroom, waiting for the docket to begin, mine eyes are drawn to the long, sad windows on the West wall of the vast, wood laden room. Outside, the fog is lifting, heralding the birth of a day anew. Yet, the angry skies to the North loom menacingly, threatening to wash away the fledgling hopes of sunny warmth. A sharp pain suddenly courses through my left foot. I instinctively turn toward my already throbbing appendage and I am met with a host of brilliantly colored butterflies, fluttering restlessly amid a turbulent ocean of flesh. My gaze rises through wave upon wave of tummy until the sunken eyes belonging to what I imagine was once a human face now stare angrily back at me. A sudden screech emits from engorged lips, morbidly beautified by a sharp silver ring. "Excuse you!" So dies my fleetingly whimsical daydream of rainy silence. So begins the criminal misdemeanor docket at the Cleveland County Courthouse.

Oklahoma Traffic Points System

To many Oklahomans, understanding the Department of Public Safety Points system is like understanding the IRS Federal Tax Code. For those who live outside Oklahoma or are new to Oklahoma, it is even more confusing. This blog breaks down the basics of the Point System, allowing you to better understand your situation and know what steps to take, should you ever receive a traffic citation.

Traffic Tickets Can Cost You More Than Just Money

We have all had that sinking feeling when you look in your rear view mirror and see flashing lights...just the thing to take a good day and send it down the drain. Most of the time a traffic ticket is a mere inconvenience and a chance to tell your friends later that "everyone else was speeding too!" But sometimes, depending on the charge, a ticket can cause real trouble. Your insurance rates could go up and points may be added to your driving record, bringing you closer to more serious consequences like losing your drivers license.


A new law goes into effect November 1st of this year. The measure significantly alters expungement procedure and eligibility. Oklahoma House Bill 3091 was approved by Governor Mary Fallin on May 4th of this year and has been met by mixed emotions from attorneys and Oklahoman residents alike.

CRIMINAL LAW: Murder in the First Degree

A criminal law has been introduced to the Oklahoma State Senate, which would expand the definition of first degree murder. Senate Bill 1066 is aimed at providing express statutory consequences for the state's drug manufacturing and distribution problem. While common sense might suggest that first-degree murder is a simple concept, the legal interpretation provides various elements and situations to which first-degree murder may or may not apply.


It is that time of year again....Proms and Graduations are on the minds of students across the state. While these are certainly joyous occasions representing mile-stones, not only educationally but also in the quest of all young persons to become full fledged adults, history has shown us the dangerous situations that can occur when these celebrations are mixed with alcohol and lapses of responsibility. Enter the DUI.


A charge for driving under the influence is not uncommon. However, it would be a mistake to not take it seriously. A DUI conviction can affect everything you do for the rest of your life. You may lose your license, you may be precluded from obtaining certain driving privileges, your insurance rates could suddenly skyrocket or you could even go to jail. Even though getting a DUI can be nerve-racking, what you in the days following your arrest can be crucial.

Open Carry On the Way

A proposed Oklahoma open carry law moved one step closer yesterday. House Bill 2522 easily passed through committee and now moves on to the full state house for consideration. The measure is similar to one that was passed by the state legislature two years ago but vetoed by then Governor Brad Henry. With a Republican in the Governor's Mansion, the chances are much better for passage this time around. The bill has several functions.


Criminal procedure is a complicated area of law that is always evolving and changing, making it quite difficult for the average American to know his or her rights. This is unfortunate because the few minutes after a police officer pulls you over or after you are arrested could determine your options later. It doesn't help to find out what you should have done later from your attorney. It would be equally unhelpful for me to try to teach a class here for you to read. Therefore, you should consider this the beginning of an intermittent series designed to provide you with various basic rules. It is my hope that these rules will empower you and make you feel safer in uncertain times.

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