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You might have options for fighting DUI charges

Drunk driving is something that can signal other problems. As we discussed last week, being arrested for drunk driving could lead to a realization that you have an issue with alcohol. Getting help for that dependency on alcohol could be a key component in making sure that you don't have issues with drunk driving charges in the future.

Drunk driving might signal a problem with alcohol

If you are arrested for drunk driving, there is a chance that the arrest could be the final straw that makes you think about whether you need help for your drinking. There is a chance that you might be able to get the help you need as part of a diversion program through the court system if your problem is a dependency or addiction to alcohol. There are several signs that point to a problem with alcohol.

Police officer wrecks cruiser, alcohol possibly a factor

Drunk driving charges don't know any limits. No matter what profession you are in or what your education level, you can face drunk driving charges if you are caught driving after you've had alcohol. In some cases, those charges might not come right away. This is shown in a case out of southwest Oklahoma.

What are some DUI points I should know about in Oklahoma?

When you are thought to be driving drunk in Oklahoma, a chain of events starts. You will be asked for your identifying information and then you might be asked to complete a field sobriety test. From there comes your arrest and entry into the criminal justice system. Understanding basic points about DUIs might help you along the way.

The cost of a DUI is much higher than just the fines

The cost of drunk driving goes far beyond only having to pay the fines that are associated with the criminal charge. There are several other costs that will come with being arrested for a DUI. In some cases, a conviction doesn't necessarily have to occur for you to have to incur the cost.

What is the arraignment process for a DUI?

One step in the criminal justice process after you are charged with drunk driving is going through the arraignment. This is the first courtroom proceeding that you will go through. By this point, you will have been arrested and booked into jail. You will likely already have been given a bail amount.

Points to remember about DUI cases

Drunk driving cases are fairly common, but that doesn't mean that every point about these cases is common knowledge. There are some points about a drunk driving case that you might not know, especially if you are facing your first drunk driving charge. Understanding these points might help you to understand what is going on a bit better.

A moment of impulsiveness can have lasting effects

After a night of drinking with friends, you get behind the wheel of your car to drive home. You don't really think you are drunk. On your way home, you see the flashing lights of a police cruiser. You stop and find yourself being accused of drunk driving. That event starts a series of events that you might find very difficult to deal with.

Oklahoma county voters to decide on selling alcohol by the glass

On June 28, voters in Tillman County, Oklahoma will have the chance to legalize the sale of alcohol by the glass in bars and restaurants. Tillman is one of 21 counties throughout the state where it's illegal for these establishments to sell liquor by the drink. The last time the proposed law was on the ballot, in 2014, it lost by just four votes.

The financial impact of a DUI conviction goes beyond fines

Facing a DUI charge can affect your life in various ways. While you might be focused on the criminal penalties that you will face, you should also be aware that you will likely have considerable financial effects of the charge, especially if you are convicted. Some estimates note that a DUI conviction can cost you $20,000 by the time you have covered all expenses related to the DUI conviction.

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