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Dad with young daughter, son in car charged with DUI

A man in Oklahoma is facing multiple charges, including drunk driving and child endangerment, following a traffic stop that occurred over the first weekend of December 2014. According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, a 13-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl were passengers in a vehicle operated by their 43-year-old father when the man was pulled over for undisclosed reasons. During the incident, police found open alcoholic beverage containers inside the vehicle.

Penalties for impaired driving

Oklahoma has passed specific legislation that addresses a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle if they are under the influence of alcohol or another substance that impairs their ability to drive. Penalties for a conviction for impaired driving could range from $100 to $500 and could include a maximum of six months in custody.

Driver accused of crashing into police cars charged with DUI

Oklahoma police say that a driver hit two city police cruisers on Aug. 7 while traveling on Lake Hefner Parkway near Britton Road. The incident occurred right before midnight as the cops were helping direct traffic around an earlier crash.

Man facing DUI charge after being saved by officer

Approximately ten miles north of Norman, Oklahoma, an alleged drunk driver was pulled from a ravine by a Moore police officer around 1:30 a.m. on June 18. When the officer arrived at the scene on Southwest 34th Street, the 40-year-old man had escaped from his wrecked, burning vehicle but had fallen into the ravine. The man was then dragged to safety by the officer for about 30 yards into a nearby field.

Oklahoma man charged with DUI had BAC of .27

Police in Oklahoma have charged a former state senator with driving under the influence and attempted bribery. An officer saw the man swerving as he drove his vehicle down a highway in Cleveland County. The officer pulled the man over, and when the man exited his vehicle at the officer's request, he had his pants pulled down. According to court documents, his blood alcohol level was .27, which is more than three times the legal limit.

Illegal u-turn causes drunk driving accident

A 46-year-old Oklahoma man allegedly struck a pedestrian in his GMC Sierra after performing an illegal U-turn west of U.S 227 on Wolf Road a little before midnight on March 14. The 42-year-old pedestrian who was hit was taken to Comanche County Memorial Hospital and was said to be in fair condition.

Oklahoma elementary school teacher suspended, suspected of DWI

An elementary school teacher from Tulsa was suspended from her job after she was taken into custody under suspicion of drunk driving. Police say that they also located an unrestrained small female child in the back seat of her car. A Tulsa Public School official recently confirmed the woman's employment at an elementary school and that she has been suspended from her job.

Oklahoma security guard detains drunk driver

A man and woman who were allegedly drunk were driving away from a bar that was south of 41st and Sheridan in Tulsa on Aug. 18. As the vehicle was in motion, the woman apparently opened the door and fell out onto Sheridan. The man circled back around to pick her up when he caught the attention of the security guard.

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